If you want to travel in or around California, Advantage Caravans has an excellent RV rental for you. Recreational vehicles are the catalysts to many good memories, especially when you have an exciting endpoint in mind–and CA has many of those. Contact us at (916) 832-8824 to reserve an RV for your next summer break, extended weekend or special occasion.

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California RV Rentals, Summits and Sand

In addition to the above attractions, stay near wave-capped, sandy beaches and enjoy free ocean fun. The large waves and vibrant sea life make California one of the country’s most popular places for surfing, snorkeling, shelling and paddle boarding.

On the other hand, if you prefer hiking, rock climbing or mountain biking, visit the Sierra Nevada. Approximately 400 miles long, the Sierra Nevada is home to the highest point in the contiguous United States – Mount Whitney (14,505 feet).

In a motorhome you have the freedom to stay exactly where you want. Some of our motorhomes and RV rentals can even go across the country, and each year many go into the Black Rock Desert in Nevada for the annual celebration of art and self-expression. Contact us today at (916) 832-8824 to reserve an RV and see California the way it’s meant to be seen.