The purpose of a motorhome is to make your vacation easier, not harder. Why would you spend valuable time retracing your path? At, we understand that your time is limited, so we provide an RV rental delivery service to help you get the most out of that precious vacation. Contact us today at (916) 832-8824 for details about this service and to receive a quote.

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Don’t waste time traveling familiar roads — opt for RV rental delivery and pickup services from Advantage Caravans instead. We pride ourselves on adding that personal touch to customer service not found at other RV rental companies in Sacramento, CA. With an experienced crew of RV detailers and technicians, we also guarantee each RV that leaves our location is as clean and in the best working order. Contact us today at (916) 832-8824 to learn about our rates and get on the road.

Due to the slow season in winter, our rentals are slowing down and we are offering different kinds of RV service and repairs such as:

  • Body work
  • RV appliance repairs
  • Leak fixes
  • RV roof repairs
  • Remodeling
  • RV parts

Please send us inquiries with pictures. We also have RV Mobile services. Quotes by job are available.