As 2020 winds down, thousands of California residents have nowhere to call home this holiday season. This year, wildfires ravaged our state and displaced tens of thousands of families. Advantage Caravans stands in solidarity with everyone who was impacted by these fires. As such, we are offering affordable rates on long-term RV rentals to those impacted by the fires.

RV Rentals for Those Displaced by California Wildfires

The Damage

2020 is officially known as the worst fire year in recorded history. So far this year, fires have destroyed more than 10,000 structures and displaced 53,000+ people from their homes. To date, there are 31 known casualties, and more than 4 million acres of land have burned. In truth, this year has been devastating for all of California.

Responding to the Crisis

In light of the current situation, we felt it imperative to reach out to our neighbors in need. At Advantage Caravans, we always put the needs of our customers first. Thus, we provide our services and rentals at affordable rates to those in need of long-term or temporary housing. We know you are hurting. As such, we make the rental process as easy as possible by delivering and setting up your rental at the location of your choice. 

Hope for the Holiday Season

Being without a home for the holiday season is unspeakably difficult. Our hope, however, is that our clean, comfortable, luxury-loaded RV rentals will offer solace and comfort to those in need. All of our units include an in-house bathroom, a functioning kitchen, TV, DVD player, and hot water heater. We offer everything from two-person travel trailers to spacious family-sized RVs that can house up to eight people.

Request a Reservation

No matter how challenging this year has been, please know you are not alone. Advantage Caravans is here to help you find a comfortable RV rental that will house your family for as long as needed. Additionally, the financial burden of temporary housing does not fall squarely on your shoulders; we will work with your insurance company to reduce claims related to house damages. For more information, contact our office in Sacramento at (916) 832-8824.