If you’re looking to host an event your guests will never forget, rent a track at Thunderhill Raceway Park! Thunderhill makes a day on the track as simple and affordable as possible. There are options for every budget and group size. Plus, with an affordable RV rental from Advantage Caravans in Sacramento, you can stay on-site and extend the fun late into the night.

RV Camping at Thunderhill Raceway Park

Track and Skid Pad Rentals

Thunderhill makes planning a day at the track incredibly easy. Renters can choose from the 2-mile, 3-mile, or 5-mile track for their event. Whether you want to enjoy a day of privacy on the track or host a large event, Thunderhill will gladly accommodate your needs. Additionally, Thunderhill’s small and large skid pads are available for drifting, car control, autocross, vehicle development, and more.

Planning Is Simple

As previously mentioned, planning an event at the track is incredibly easy. After selecting a date for the event, the staff at Thunderhill will take care of everything else. No need to worry about insurance, flaggers, tow trucks, sanitary services, radios, food service, trash pickup, or any of the other essentials. Thunderhill will take care of everything, and provide you with a clean track and access to the clubhouse for a day (or days) of fun. 

Kinds of Events

Thunderhill offers a variety of rental options to suit all kinds of budgets, group sizes, and types of racers. The tracks are suitable for both cars and motorcycles, and for professionals, amateurs, and every racer in between. Renting the track provides a great opportunity for racers to set their own pace, correct mistakes, and take breaks as needed. Rentals are perfect for making memories, team building, honing your skills, and simply having fun.

Stay On-Site

Your day on the track doesn’t have to end with a drive home. Instead, stay on-site and extend the fun into the evening with a fully-loaded RV rental from Advantage Caravans. Thunderhill offers electric hookups at all of their sites, so you can enjoy all of the comforts of home (including TV and air conditioning) in a comfortable motorhome or travel trailer. For more information about reserving an RV for your event at Thunderhill, call (916) 832-8824 or request a reservation online today.