Some of the most beautiful scenery in the world can be seen on Highway 1, which runs along the Pacific Coastline in California, making for an unforgettable camping trip. Among the highest points of interest in the Golden State are well-known places like Fort Ross, Fort Bragg, San Francisco, Half Moon Bay, Silicon Valley, Monterey Peninsula, Big Sur State Park, Bixby Bridge, Santa Cruz, Santa Barbara, and the beaches of Malibu and Catalina Island. People come from around the world to rent an RV and travel along California’s western coast to view the spectacular scenery, enjoy various outdoor activities, and taste delicious seafood at the shore restaurants on the deck. Advantage Caravans offers the ultimate selection of RV rentals with all the amenities you could need for a memorable experience for your family.

RV Rentals in California Experience California, Nevada, & Arizona in One Trip

Many tourists and campers prefer traveling in a motorhome rental or a travel trailer rental from Sacramento, crossing Napa Valley (Wine Country), to San Francisco (Golden Gate Bridge), and then down the California State Highway 1 Pacific Coastline to Los Angeles (beaches, Hollywood Hills, Disney Land, and Lego Land). From the south point in Los Angeles, you may travel further down to San Diego, Las Vegas, or the Grand Canyon before the route returns north, closing the loop of the California-Nevada-Arizona trip. On the way back to Sacramento, you may cross the Death Valley, Sequoia, and Yosemite National Parks, as well as Lake Tahoe, to enjoy the incredibly beautiful nature of California. Advantage Caravans had about 10 renters choose that route in 2023, with half being international tourists from Europe.

Hiking Activities for All Skill Levels and Interests  

There are countless activities and hiking opportunities on the West Coast. If you are a nature lover and hiking is your preference, you can choose hiking trails at various difficulty levels. That includes everything from low-incline hiking along the beach to the more challenging hikes up hills that will give you a workout while providing a breathtaking ocean view over the clouds. If you really want to challenge yourself, stiff mountain climbing in the Sierra Nevada may be the perfect choice.

Enjoy the Best Scenery and Attractions

Another popular recommendation is to drive to Pebble Beach by taking 17-Mile Drive, a scenic road with mansions, attractions, fresh ocean breezes, and cypress tree species along the Del Monte Forest. The best place for RV campers is Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park, about 30 miles south of Monterey and past the famous historic Bixby Bridge. There are over 150 RV campgrounds, but they require booking far in advance. You may also visit Monterey Aquarium, Cannery Row (known as the Coastal Broadway in Monterey), Sardines Factory, or a whale-watching excursion in the ocean. The best part of the trip to the Monterey Peninsula is that you will experience perfect weather nine months out of the year, from early spring to late autumn, with an average temperature of 70 degrees at night.

Reserve Your RV for the Adventure of a Lifetime

Let Advantage Caravans provide you with an RV rental for a monumental trip your family will never forget. An RV is like a home that travels with you, allowing you to settle in only once to enjoy all the comforts you need. Experience countless activities and destinations across state lines without constantly packing and unpacking. Contact us today at (916) 832-8824 to request a reservation for an adventure in Sacramento, California, and beyond.