While leaving merry winter holiday time behind, we are stepping into a new season; the season of wonderful outdoor activities, beautiful staged venues, adventurous country fairs and rejuvenating forest camping. As the temperatures start to warm up, Advantage Caravans is following its annual tradition! We help the equestrian community to come together celebrating their equestrian lifestyle at Rancho Murieta, Brookside Equestrian Center at Elk Grove. We will be providing temporary housing, so make plans to stay in one of our RV rentals: whether that be a motorhome or travel trailer.

Make Your Own Plans In Our RV Rentals

In the evenings, we accommodate college sport team fans to prepare for the game the next day. We love to be a part of the annual hot county fairs with their joyful activities, delicious authentic food, talented horses, and much more fun. Whether that be the Colusa County Fairground, Cal Expo Sacramento, Napa County Fairgrounds, El Dorado County Fair and Event Center, Nevada County Fairground, or even the Alameda County Fairground. We make it easy with our deliver, setup and pickup services.

Explore The Great Outdoors

From hiking to fishing, from the ocean cove to the shady green national park, we accommodate you anywhere and will make your travel memorable. Whether you are planning on hiking at Sierra Mountains or Yosemite Valley, visiting the Tahoe Area or the Bay Area, Advantage Caravans will be there with you every step of the way with our exceptional RV rental options.

Choose Advantage Caravans For Your RV Rentals

We accommodate everyone- vendors, campers, RVers, tent campers, travelers, event planners, freelancers, pen pushers, and anyone else for any event. Take this year up a notch, and plan your getaway with Advantage Caravans RV rentals. Contact us by calling (916) 832-8824 or request your reservation online.