Sonoma Raceway has big news for racing fans: Summer Jam is back! After a 4 year hiatus, Sonoma is bringing back everyone’s favorite drifting event in an entirely new format. For a fun weekend at the races, rent an RV from Advantage Caravans in Sacramento and camp at the track. Sonoma offers plenty of camping spots with close proximity to the track, making it easier than ever to get in on the action.

RV Camping at Sonoma Raceway

Summer Jam is Back

On August 17-18, Summer Jam returns to Sonoma! This year, 40 drivers will compete for three Formula Drift Pro 2 licenses. Drivers will compete between Turns 2 and 4 on the road track in front of Formula Drift judges and US Drift partners. 

New Format

To improve the racing experience for both the drivers and the spectators, Sonoma has made some changes to the format of the event.

1. Qualifying

In years past, each driver had to qualify by completing a single car run. Qualifying used up a lot of valuable track time because as each car completed the run, scores were calculated, etc. Sonoma has eliminated qualifiers from the event to save time and make the races more exciting. All drivers will now compete in tandem races in an attempt to advance to the next round.

2. No “One and Done” Races

In lieu of qualifiers, all racers will compete in at least 2 tandem matches during the event. This means that no one will be eliminated from the event until they lose at least 2 races. This includes both the third place and championship matches! 

3. One More Time

Because each racer must lose twice, the best drivers have the opportunity to face each other more than once. If two of the best drivers face off, the loser of that match can work their way up through the consolation bracket and face the same driver again. This format ensures that the best drivers have every opportunity to compete and win.


The best way to enjoy a weekend at the races is to camp near the track. With an RV rental from Advantage Caravans, you can catch all the excitement of the event, and have the comforts and convenience of home waiting just footsteps away. We offer travel trailer and motorhome rentals that accommodate up to 8 people. Contact us today at (916) 832-8824 to learn about our rates or request a reservation online.