An RV rental vacation offers perks you can’t get from a typical stay-and-play vacation in California. We at Advantage Caravans in Sacramento have put together this list of reasons why a motorhome rental is a great choice for your next vacation.

RV rental1. Freedom

Are you a bit of a free spirit? If you don’t want to tie yourself down to one location for your entire vacation, then an RV rental is just what you need. Your accommodations are mobile, which means you can take your motorhome rental to a different campground every night (if you so desire). RV rentals are also ideal if you’re trying to tour a state or region.

2. Convenience

Our motorhome rentals have everything you need, so you can eat, sleep, and travel together. Because each RV rental or travel trailer rental comes with its own kitchen space, you don’t even have to eat out every meal. Plus, if you book a motorhome rental, your vehicle and your accommodations are all-in-one!

3. Comfort

Tired of family vacations with everyone crammed into a small vehicle? Our RV rentals give you plenty of space to travel comfortably. You can even watch a DVD or have space to play a game, making your vacation even more enjoyable.

4. Amenities

An RV rental from Advantage Caravans has everything you need for your California excursion. From kitchen appliances and comfortable beds to TVs/DVDs, our travel trailer rentals come fully equipped. Plus, just think of all the storage space you will have to stash all your food, vacation essentials, and some fun extras (like board games, movies, and more!).

To book your Sacramento RV rental, contact Advantage Caravans at 916-832-8824. Our staff will be glad to tell you more about our motorhome rentals policies or help you make a reservation.

photo credit: Schneise via photopin (license)