Attention to all RV users and campers!!!

  The RV rental season 2020 theoretically has started; however, due to the global pandemic, it poses many challenges to all of us. People shelter-in-place and take all possible precautions to safeguard themselves. With all precautions taken, we would like to welcome you to the new rental season of 2020.

  On the first day of spring, about %90 of our units emerge from the winter hibernation as they have not been in use since early December. During the wintertime, our rental operations were partially closed down as an annual procedure for maintenance and service.

  Advantage Caravans RV fleet is privately owned, and my family and I take care of the units like our own. During this hard time, all my family work together to prepare the fleet for the new rental season. We know that the best way to protect ourselves is a thorough disinfection of every surface.

  We conduct detailed cleaning and double disinfection using industrial degreasers and cleaning supplies. As all RVs are parked on the private property, they don’t come into contact with any visitors and go directly from us to you.

  Currently, we are delivering long term rentals, temporary housing for REACH Aire Medical Services, to Residential properties who is on quarantine, and other facilities according to state and city programs to prevent a spread of COVID19.

All the rentals on the monthly basis are discounted by minimum %40.

I will be happy to answer all your questions and assist with your trip planning. We wish you all stay safe and healthy.

Take Care,