The Sonoma Raceway in Sonoma, California will be hosting the 24 Hours of Lemons race, Yokohama Arse-Freeze-Apalooza 2022, this December 3-4. At Advantage Caravans, we are fully stocked with RV Rentals for you to camp right at the race track during this fun event. We offer all shapes and sizes of RV rentals that sleep up to eight people comfortably, while you enjoy the convenient amenities. Let us tell you more about the 24 Hours of Lemons race happening at the Sonoma Raceway, as well as RV rental options that we have available for you and your crew.

RV Rentals

Endurance Racing for $500 Cars

These races happen all over the country throughout the year, and the Sonoma Raceway will get to host the early December race in California. To sum it up, you need to find a group of friends to race with, and then build, buy, or borrow a cheap car. You can’t spend more than $500 on the car, though! It’s always so entertaining to see the quirky costumes and junky cars out on the track. Make sure you sign up before the November 12 entry deadline and then reserve your RV to camp out at the Arse-Freeze-Apalooza 2022.

Dry Camping at the Sonoma Raceway

There is a camping fee that you pay when you register your team online, which covers overnight dry camping for all team members. You and your teammates can easily stay in a motorhome from Advantage Caravans, and enjoy the comfort of a home away from home. Our RV rentals allow you to have everyday conveniences no matter where you are. Enjoy a camping experience while you race your lemon of a car with your closest friends!

Reserve Your RV Today 

Advantage Caravans is ready to serve you with one of your motorhomes, which allows you to enjoy a camping experience with amenities such as an in-house bathroom, shower, and kitchen. We offer motorhome rentals, travel trailer rentals, RV delivery service, and more. Contact us at (916) 832-8824 to request your RV reservation for the Arse-Freeze-Apalooza race. We rent our RVs to customers in Sacramento, California, and beyond.