The travel industry has experienced some major changes since the onset of the COVID-19 global pandemic. People are shying away from crowded attractions, cruises, and airports, and are instead opting for a quieter, simpler means of travel. Get in on the trend by reserving an RV rental from Advantage Caravans in Sacramento today. 

RV Rental for Camping

Private Travel Is Trending

Since the onset of the pandemic, travel trends have shifted dramatically. Larger numbers of people are opting for private travel in lieu of planes, cruises, and hotel stays. As such, interest in RV camping has increased exponentially because it provides a means for safe, self-contained travel. As the world continues to cope with the pandemic, we expect this trend to continue to climb over the coming year.

Long-Term Travel

Not only has the pandemic changed how people travel, but it has also impacted how long people travel. Previously, long weekends and one-week trips were standard. Now, however, because large volumes of people are working remotely, more people are choosing to travel for extended periods of time. Again, RV rentals accommodate this trend perfectly. Advantage Caravans offers affordable rates on long-term rentals, thereby enabling our clients to spend more time doing what they love.

Travel Close to Home

Many folks, at the urging of state leaders, are vacationing closer to home. Rather than flying across the country or hopping on a cruise ship, folks are taking in the local sites. Motorhome and travel trailer rentals are a great option for touring the greater Sacramento area. They allow for travel in both urban and rural settings without exposure to crowds. And, if you wish to see more of the West Coast, Advantage Caravans will deliver your RV to you, so you can spend every moment of your trip in the safety of your RV.

Request a Reservation

No matter where 2021 takes you, an RV rental from Advantage Caravans is the perfect way to get there. We offer all shapes and sizes of RV rentals that sleep up to eight people comfortably. Plus, our entire fleet contains convenient amenities like an in-house bathroom and shower, a full kitchen, air conditioning, and more. In a world of uncertainties, rely on one of our clean, comfortable RV rentals to keep you and your family safe on your next adventure. For more information, contact us today at (916) 832-8824 or request a reservation online.