When it comes to RV rentals, Advantage Caravans strives to provide only the best quality and comfort. Our fleet offers a variety of floor plans, and for the last two years, we have added high-quality models from Grand Design, which is one of the best RV manufacturers in the United States.

Our most popular RVs are as follows:

  • Transcend 32’ 2022 – 1.5 bathrooms, two AC units, solar panel, battery fridge (not propane), spacious living room, cozy master bedroom, and outdoor kitchen.
  • Imagine 32’ model 2022 – kitchen island, heated reclining chairs, fireplace, two bedrooms, three slide-outs, two separate entrances from outside, spacious bunkhouse, and outdoor kitchen.
  • Reflection 32’ – kitchen island, four-door refrigerator, two AC units, heated reclining chairs, fireplace, two bedrooms, three slide-outs, and outdoor kitchen.
  • Lacrosse 32’ – kitchen island, two bedrooms, three slide-outs, and spacious bunkhouse.
Motorhome & Travel Trailer Rentals in Sacramento, CA

Ideal for Both Living & Camping

Usually, larger travel trailers are ideal for temporary housing or big events: festivals, fairs, business projects, house remodeling, and group or family camping where relatives can join you. They are also a perfect fit for artists, VIPs at special events, and race car drivers at race venues to relax and unwind after an important race.

Quality RV Rentals for Camping in Sacramento, CA
Top-Quality RV Rentals in Sacramento, CA

Additionally, we have smaller and less expensive RVs to rent for basic needs, such as camping and local construction projects, where companies can use them for office needs or for staff to stay in while working on a site. These RVs are popular among hunters, fishermen, and firefighters. Construction workers have also been known to use them for staying in secluded areas or for taking care of someone’s property. Many folks use them for temporary living at family reunions or to accommodate relatives during holidays. We carry a variety of floor plans to fit all basic needs.

RV Rentals for Camping in Sacramento, CA
Quality RV Rentals in Sacramento, CA

RV Delivery Service & Setup

We also have professional drivers who can deliver and set up your RV rental for you at almost any location you are willing to stay. Our drivers have years of experience with parking in impenetrable and narrow spaces to fit in even the smallest front or backyard.

RV Delivery & Setup Service in Sacramento, CA

Reserve Your RV Today 

Advantage Caravans is ready to serve you with one of our spacious RVs from our rental fleet. With amenities such as an in-house bathroom, shower, and kitchen, our rentals are perfect for both living and camping. We offer motorhome rentals, travel trailer rentals, RV delivery service, and more. Contact us at (916) 832-8824 to request your RV today! We rent our RVs to customers in Sacramento, California and beyond.