When you rent an RV, there’s nothing like the convenience of having it delivered right where you need it. Advantage Caravans delivers motorhomes and travel trailers all over Northern California for camping, county fairs, temporary housing, and various kinds of events. We are one of the main RV providers to events such as Burning Man, Dirtybird Campout, All Day I Dream festival, Coachella festival, state fairs, group camping, different kinds of show projects, Equestrian Centers, Sonoma Raceway and Thunderhill Raceway Park. We’ll go over the advantages of our RV rentals with delivery.

RV and Travel Trailer DeliveryPopular Campgrounds for RV Delivery

Widely known among RV vacationers and campers are Yosemite National Park, West Coast campgrounds, Lake Tahoe RV resorts, and Collins Lake in California. Those are the most popular delivery destinations for Advantage Caravans rentals. The majority of our RV rentals go in combination with our delivery service, which has multiple benefits for customers:

  • No stress driving a large-sized unit 
  • No need to refill propane tanks and dump holding tanks (Time-saving)
  • Flexible delivery time
  • No auto insurance liability for RV (Less cost)
  • Less time on the road, no hassle
  • No extra work on a pickup truck

RV and Travel Trailer DeliveryMore Benefits of RV Delivery

Campers also don’t require renting a pickup truck for towing a trailer. With delivery services, you get much more than just a rented RV at your camp location. We deliver and do all the work for you: set it up, ensure it is leveled properly, and hook up to shore power, water, and sewer on campsites that are accommodated with amenities. You may not realize that if a trailer is not leveled, the refrigerator and generator could malfunction, leading to a potential breakdown. There’s no need to mention that it would be the last thing you want to think about on vacation! 

RV and Travel Trailer DeliveryThe Challenges of Doing It Yourself

Another challenge renters may face when they park a trailer is backing it up. Most campsites have narrow camp spaces surrounded by trees and hookup stations where you need to fit your RV in. It may be pretty challenging and time-consuming for first-timers to park a travel trailer upon arrival, and could even hold up other campers trying to get to their campsites. The last thing anyone would want to experience is RV damage caused by hitting a tree or other obstacles while parking the RV. 

RV and Travel Trailer DeliveryWe Make It Easy for You

Rental with delivery works perfectly for people who want to come and enjoy their camping, and only want to worry about unpacking upon arrival. And as with hotels, you can get an express RV checkout. On your departure day, you just need to lock the RV and let us know the key location, and the pick-up work is on us. While you are heading back home full of pleasant memories from camping, behind-the-scenes work is on us as well: emptying the black and gray water tanks, refilling the propane and gas, cleaning the RV inside and outside, and driving it back to our fleet.
RV and Travel Trailer Delivery

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When you use the Advantage Caravans delivery service, you are only left with a feeling of being rejuvenated and pleased with your comfortable camping experience when you return home. We offer flexibility, affordability, and maximum comfort with our rentals. Contact us today at (916) 832-8824 to request a reservation. We serve customers in Sacramento, California, and beyond.